Checklist of Advertising Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

The commercial real estate market and property type requires an advertising strategy that not only reaches the target audience but also initiates enquiry. From the outset you must know who your target audience is and why they would want your property. If you do not get that sorted out first, you will not create a good marketing campaign. So answer these questions at the outset:
Who wants the property?
Why do they want it?
When would they want it?
How will they get it?
Local property knowledge also is paramount when setting a marketing campaign up for a property. The buyers and the tenants that want your property are very likely to come from the local area. That is why networking of business leaders and proprietors will always be part of the prospecting and cold calling process for real estate agents.

Here are some more rules for marketing commercial property today:
Every property should have a fact of attraction or identity that you can build around. If the property is well known in the local area (for the right reasons), then that is a brand that can feature in your marketing strategy. The name of the property (if it has one) is also a tool to use here.
Simplify all marketing so you are using easy to read dot points to convey the key messages in every advert. Eye catching is the rule and not the exception. Adults like to interpret adverts quickly and simply.
Work up a list of 5 or 6 points of attraction that you can use in all the adverts for the property. Make sure that these points match the needs of your target audience.
Make it easy for people to call you for more information. A mobile phone number and an email address are essential facts of property marketing today.
A link to a website page that features the property and all its detail, should be included in all adverts. Website pages should feature high quality images of the property that send the right message to your target audience. Good photographs send a strong property image.
The traditional signboard on a property is still a very powerful marketing tool and should be placed on every listing you have in your area. The perception of many signboards in an area is territory control. They also create more enquiries for the broader database. In this market you need a good database.
When you draft your adverts for approval of the client, use simple descriptions in the layout but choose your words well so the adverts are encouraging the reader to call you.
Your advertising content is in many ways more important than the media you choose. The content has to attract interest otherwise you are wasting time and money in the campaign.
What ‘points of pain’ are being experienced in the target market that your listing can help resolve? This could include rent levels, space to utilise, and locational access, levels of improvements, or services and amenities.

To create a good marketing campaign with a solid strategy of implementation, you should think of the property from the end user or target market. This then makes it much easier to create the adverts that will attract and generate enquiry.